About NWS International Ltd.

NWS International has been providing a high-quality of service and installation of Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems, Stucco and Interior Crown Mouldings to the commercial and industrial sectors of Nassau, Bahamas.  We are a professional stucco company and EIFS installer that deliver un-rivaled quality of work service and guarantees lasting and sustainable results.  

Our mission is to provide a  high quality of service, sustainable and lasting craftsmanship, with efficiency at the best value for our clients.

NWS International only employs experienced and highly specialized people who have been working with wall systems, stucco, concrete, and masonry.  At every project, our team makes sure that we are always professional, dependable, and on-time for the services we provide.  Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients as we always strive for the highest level of integrity and excellence in workmanship and in all that we do.

Our company, staff and equipment are fully licensed, and insured.  NWS International is National Insurance Board Certified.  Rest assure that all projects are in good and experienced hands.

With over 20 years of experience, NWS International operates with high levels of perfection in stucco installation, repair and maintenance within Nassau, Bahamas.

Nassau, Bahamas 1(416)881-4193